Whole delicious turkey, processed November 2017.

$50 when preordered or $7.00 a pound.

Turkey feet, perfect for making stock and soup. $2.00 a pound. 

Herbs: Oregano, Lavender, Thyme

Veggies: Rhubarb: Small quantities

Fruit: Pears, Raspberries, Strawberries: First year of Production!

Cabrito and Lamb $10 a pound USDA processed.

$3.50 a pound custom processed - customer pays the processor

Hallal slaughter is not available on the farm but can be arranged off farm for an added cost. 

Hallal slaughter cuts and fully processed may be arranged for an added cost. 

In the Freezer




Whole delicious duck, $25 processed September 2017

Patty Pan Squash, Winter squash and Basil This year we had a large quantity of basil but it's almost gone!

While the garden is covered in snow or the soil is too wet to work and we have months before we can plant in the soil, we are planning for the planting season. Please send us your garden requests and we will find the seed and start some veggies for you. 

Fresh Goose Eggs - $3.00 each 

           Between July  and December for decorating

Fresh Turkey Eggs
$1.00 each 

Chicken Eggs for members only

What's new, what's fresh, what's growing today. Let us know you are interested in and we will contact you when it's ready to pick up.

Whole delicious goose, processed November 2017.

$60 when preordered or $9.00 a pound


Goat and Lamb




In the Garden

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